Upgrade Your Printing Systems With DPS Innovations, INPRINT USA

18 April 2019

InPrint USA took place April 9 to 11, 2019 in Louisville (USA), KY at the Kentucky International Convention Center. This event is organized for industries, CEO, leaders to gain knowledge related to print technologies.

Exhibition visitors had a chance to find an innovative digital, inkjet, specialty, and screen print solutions that will bring a competitive advantage for them.

IQDEMY Group was presented by DPS innovations company.

DPS Innovations offers to the global market a reliable combination of control electronics and software, which can provide inkjet equipment manufacturers with a turn-key solution for multiple industrial applications. In addition to cutting edge control solutions for industrial printers, DPS produces UV LED lamps used for curing of ultraviolet inks and special coatings.

On the exhibition, DPS presented customized integrated printing solutions, and all visitor could find detailed information about all DPS advanced products, in particular, Ilya Dobrecky, DPS representative, had a lot of meetings where he informed guests about:

-Control electronics

-UV LED curing systems



-Print head drivers

Exhibitors and guests of InPrint 2019 showed their high interests in DPS and IQDEMY Group products, in particular, most part of our visitors were interested in our control electrons and inkjet systems. Thanks to our expert’s view visitors found out the way of increasing their competitiveness.

IQDEMY Group keeps to improve the printing business worldwide and produce advanced technologies for our partners and clients.

Let’s do business together, because a synergistic effect is a key factor of a progress and high results in now time.