Living Cells Printing

IQDEMY has focused on creating tissues and organs for medical research.


It is possible to rapidly screen new potential therapeutic drugs on patient tissue, greatly cutting research costs and time. Our researchers are working on techniques to grow complete human organs that can be used for screening purposes during drug discovery. An organ created from a patient’s own stem cells could also be used to screen treatments to determine if a drug will be effective for that individual.

IQDEMY printing biotechnologies – a promising high-tech biomedical project, in terms of which are being developed technologies and equipment for printing matrixes, biochemical tissues and organs with living cells, proteins and bacteria, as well as synthetic components for the further use in medicine.

IQDEMY BIOPRINTING will produce the complexes of the bioprinting equipment and cultivate to order tissues and skin for departments of research and development of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, burn centers and research organizations. If to speak specifically, activity of the IQDEMY BIOPRINTING is directed to the preclinical researches by developing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in vitro: optimization of the choice of potential applicant medicines, researches of the range and safety/toxicology in vitro and also carrying out dermatological tests in Vivo and further skin transplantation.

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