Universal Control Electronics

Complete electronic control solutions for inkjet printers, including personality boards for almost any model of printheads


Complete electronic control solutions for inkjet printers, including personality boards for almost any model of printheads

PCI-e board

Most up-to-date and high performance module for data transmission to print heads through PCI-e data bus at a speed of 1 Gbit (4 Gbit by special order). The system is easily multiplied: up to 8 PCI-e boards can be installed in one PC, to support 384 data lines and control up to 96 high-performance print heads. Several synchronized PCs can be used within one printing system.

Universal device board

Wide functionality board equipped with universal input and output connectors enabling operation of any auxiliary systems, e.g. automatic feeding of material, motion along Z-axis, etc.

Ink level board

Monitors and controls the level of inks in sub-tanks through 11 independent channels, which can be adjusted to fit any types of sensors, ink colors or functional modes. Installation of additional boards of this type correspondingly increases the number of signal channels.

Vacuum system board

The main function of this board is maintaining of stable level of vacuum in print heads, which is realized through 2 independent control channels. The 2-channel system ensures efficient work with the white ink. Vacuum system board can also be engaged in specific service modes like purging of print heads.

Carriage board

Transmits the data from PCI board to print head drive boards through universal 26-pin serial interface. Besides, it allows controlling of miscellaneous auxiliary sensors and actuating devices, like UV LED units for ink curing or X-axis encoder.

Ink system board

Monitors inks level in the main tanks and controls ink pumps through 10 independent channels with adjustable parameters. The system of white ink circulation can be controlled by this board, too. Additional boards of this type installed on a printer can be used to operate auxiliary functions like purging  of print heads with negative pressure or switching the pressure on vacuum table.

Servo drive board

This module implements unified operation control for servodrives. It provides movement control with specified parameters of speed, acceleration and deceleration, S-curve function support for XYZ axes, and ensures high accuracy of positioning.

Head personality board (driver)

Print head drivers convert the unified interface input signals into control signals specific to concrete models of print heads. They allow adjustment of print head voltage, temperature and wave form.

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