Tubes/Vials Jet

Single-pass printing system integrated into the existing production line of the lab tubes (vials) production.


Single-pass printing system integrated into the existing production line of the lab tubes (vials) production.

Stages of Development and Testing on the topic "Printing Variable Data on the Pipeline"

Description of the printer and principle of operation

1. Development of a kinematic diagram of the equipment.

It is necessary to ensure the movement of material in the print zone and subsequent working rotation. In this case, it is necessary to maintain the required parameters:

1.1. gaps from the plane of the print head to the material,

1.2. determination of the initial print position,

1.3. mechanical synchronization with other printing units included in the print module,

1.4. UV protection for printheads.

Depending on the type of print, up to 9 axes may need to be controlled:

1.5. Axis of material supply relative to printing and curing units,

1.6. The axis of movement of the printheads vertically, (ensuring the constancy of the distance between the material and the printhead) in height (1 axis for each color),

1.7. Axis of the nozzle line, to determine the starting position of the print along the nozzle line, as well as to set the print resolution along the “slow” axis (1 axis for each color).

1.8. The axis of rotation of the material, to ensure the movement of the material (rotation) along the “fast” axis (1 axis for each color, if there is no other solution, where all rotating parts will be mechanically synchronized).

2. The definition of the functional control circuit of the printing device, which should take into account the presence and synchronization of each of the printing units, their movement and rotation.

3. Determination of the required sensors for each of the axes, drawing up an electrical circuit diagram. 4. Determine the composition of the boards.

5. Adaptation of the continuous ink supply system for the required number of colors.

6. To develop an algorithm for the operation of the printing system - storage, processing and printing of variable data. Development and adaptation of software, interfaces for an external control system and operator.

7. Production and supply of components for the print and ink management system. E

8. Initial start-up of the system in a step-by-step mode to determine time diagrams for each of the cycles, other basic parameters to ensure the operation of the printing device.

9. Optimization of the printing process to achieve maximum performance. Determination of optimal operating modes, ways to monitor performance, current and periodic maintenance.

10. Development, coordination and implementation of supporting documentation for the launch and maintenance of the printing device.

Product Features

  • Type – Single-pass system with VDP.
  • The color scheme is monochrome or CMYK or monochrome+spot
  • Printing width – adjusted
  • At the permission of the press 600 dpi with the adjusted printing speed ~ 4 tubes per sec.
  • Dimensions of the device – adjusted
  • Weight – 15 kg
  • Supply voltage - variable, 220V *

* preliminary parameters specified during development and testing


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