TechJet SP

IQDEMY TechJet SP Industrial printing system for applying full-color images to any material.


IQDEMY TechJet SP Industrial printing system for applying full-color images to any material.

Description of the Single-Pass Module

IQDEMY TechJet SP Industrial printing system, based on industrial printheads (Epson, Ricoh, Fujifilm, Konica, Kyocera), is designed for applying full-color images to any material like glass, ceramics, acrylic, plastic, leather, wood, metal, wallpaper and floor coverings.

The printer including industrial printheads ensures high precision printing accuracy and high-speed printing. The module design makes it possible to easily replace analogue technology of shaft coating and insert it into the customer production line. Feed material system (a vacuum belt conveyor) provides safe material loading and unloading.

The device provides the application of white color (option) and 4 primary colors of the main print. Ink type: UV, water-based, solvent, ceramic (as agreed with the customer). The printer is equipped with a continuous ink supply and curing system, a PC-based control station with a file preparation and color correction (RIP) program and program that provides an interface to printer settings (Jet Control Center).

Product Features

  • Type - Single-pass Printer;
  • Color scheme: CMYK, CMYK+W;
  • Printing width*: min 43 mm per printhead:
  • Printing resolution*: 300 - 1200 dpi;
  • Printing speed: min 50 linear meters/min;
  • Ink supply system;
  • Software;
  • UV LED curing unit.

*according to client requirements


Basic option prototype

Components and Parts of the System

1. Material sheet

2. Polyester white primer application module

3. Pre-drying unit

4. Material

5. Full-color continuous printing module

6. UV polymerizer

7. Varnish module

8. Drying unit

Commercial Perspective

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