Postage stamps printer

Equipment for full-color volumetric printing on postage stamps and postcards with flexible uv-ink


Equipment for full-color volumetric printing on postage stamps and postcards with flexible uv-ink

The equipment is an Ink Jet printer optimized in its organization for applying a volumetric image to sheet materials of the required format.

The printer consists of two three-coordinate systems for moving the executive (printing) modules relative to the material, made on the basis of granite slabs and beams, and using linear servo drives, which ensures high (micron units) accuracy and repeatability of printing regardless of temperature fluctuations and the duration of the operating cycle.

Control electronics of our own production. The software controls the preparation, storage and printing of data that guarantees the application of a volumetric image of a given thickness.

The automatic control system allows you to apply prepared tasks in an automatic mode of operation.

The printing module is equipped with two printing systems: for volume application and for image application. The printing algorithm has been optimized to ensure high productivity and the highest print quality.

The presence of control laser sensors allows you to determine the change in the relief of the pattern, deformation of the material and prevent deterioration in print quality and / or the occurrence of emergency situations in the event of material jams.

Description of the technological process:

a) Preparation of files for printing 3D volumetric and color images.

b) Print. The printer has two tables and two print modules, alternately applying a three-dimensional image and a color image.

Ink type - Flex UV_LED IQDEMY - proprietary developed UV flexible ink with a tension coefficient of 300%. Ink shelf life is 18 months. To fix the ink, UV LED modules with water cooling of our own design are used.

The equipment is presented in two configurations:

1. Equipment with a capacity of 125 sheets / hour

(3D image height 0.47mm +/- 0.02mm) and color scheme CMYK + LcLm + W + V + P.

2. Equipment with a capacity of 250 sheets / hour

(3D image height 0.47mm +/- 0.02mm) and CMYK + LcLm + W + V + P + spot colors.

Printing performance is indicated without taking into account the installation and removal of material.

The set of supplied equipment includes:

  • Equipment for full-color volumetric printing IQDEMY,
  • personal Computer,
  • uninterruptible power system,
  • spare parts kit,
  • RIP,
  • operational documentation.

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