Phosphorescent Neon Fluids

Luminous-based fluid, adopted for digital printing.


Luminous-based fluid, adopted for digital printing.

IQDEMY was the world 1st company, who proposed the luminous-based fluid, adopted for digital printing. We are working with the leading suppliers of luminous pigments around the world. Thus, we could produce the printable fluid with pigments of certain color and configuration. These luminous inks ensure high scratch and climatic resistance as well as high adhesion to the most of popular substrates. 

The digital application of luminous pigments helps our customers to save not only the costs on development and prototyping, but also the cost of mass production. Comparing to traditional methods (screen or pad), the digital application allows to control the consumption of pigment in a very precise way. 

IQDEMY team offers the complete industrial digital printing equipment together with tailor-made luminous inks and fluids.

Color range

Blue, Green, Violet, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink;


Watch elements, dashboards, suitcases & bags, packaging, elements of wear and footwear. 

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