Multi-Pass Label Printer

A multi-pass printing system for applying images to roll material, for printing labels, based on Epson L1440 printheads.


A multi-pass printing system for applying images to roll material, for printing labels, based on Epson L1440 printheads.

Description of the Printer and Principle of Operation

The multi-pass printer is a path for supplying roll material up to 200 mm wide, a printhead module consisting of 2 or 3 (optional) Epson L1440 heads, two UV LED mini bars for pinning and one UV LED bar for final curing after all ink applying. 

For printing, roles of 220 mm by 250 mm are used. The feed system provides unwinding of the material before printing, and the winding system collects the printed material into a role.

Multiple printing mode is provided by the feed shaft in combination with pressure rollers located in front of the head unit.

The device provides the application of white color as a substrate at the beginning, 4 primary colors of the main print and selective application of a decorative varnish coating optionally (mat and gloss).

The printer is equipped with a continuous ink supply system. It can be equipped with a system of protection against the use of third-party ink (optionally).

Two UV LED mini pinning bars and one UV LED pin bar for final cure in aircooled design.

A PC-based control station with a file preparation and color correction (RIP) program and program that provides an interface to printer settings (Jet Control Center).

A Printing Device Consisting of the Following Components and Parts:

  • Printer chassis,
  • The system of roll material feeding, providing constant tension at the entrance to the printing device.
  • Post-print material acceptance system for collecting material after printing.
  • A printhead assembly consisting of 2 or 3 rows of printheads.
  • The device of the material broaching, providing multi-pass operation.
  • Miniature / lightweight UV blocks on a carriage for the ink pinning.
  • The main UV curing system after printing for the final polymerization of ink.
  • The device for preservation and cleaning of printheads,
  • Continuous ink supply system,
  • Printer management system.

Product Features:

  • Type - Multipass Label Printer.
  • The color scheme is W + CMYK + V (Varnish is an option).
  • Printing width not less than – 220 mm 
  • At the permission of the press 360x720dpi (2 pass), on the width of 220 mm, not less - 0.8 m / min *  
  • At the permission of the press 360x1440dpi (4 pass) on the width of 220 mm, not less - 0.4 m / min *
  • Dimensions of the device, LxWxH - 1100х600х500 mm *
  • Weight – 80 kg *
  • Supply voltage - variable, 220V *

* preliminary parameters specified during development and testing

Visualization of the Multi-Pass Printing Machine

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