A Powerful Co-Operation of the World's Professionals for Single-Pass Printing

23 July 2019

A milestone project had been launched in August of 2017. Six companies joined together to reach a common goal of creating a single-pass printing solution for label printing market. The project involves a printer, control electronics, special printing software, additional technologies such as IQDEMY Quantum Technology for anti-counterfeit protection of any products by printing with quantum dot inks.

IQDEMY SA, represented by Mr. Vladislav Mirchev (president of the IQDEMY Holding) - the key person who united the following companies together:

DPS Innovations – Control electronics and software developer. Represented by Natalya Stasyuk, CEO.

Mantel Digital AG – Manufacturer of customized printing systems, developer of screen-printing technology, digital printing technology for printing on anodized aluminum. – Mr. Jon-Andri Mantel, CEO.

Matti Group - Developer digital printers and finishing solutions.

Caldera - Software company for digital imaging.

Vigitek - Distributor of printing solutions for labelling market. Main distributor and partner of iPT in CE, EE and MEA - Dr. Jules Farkas.

IQDEMY Company will be proud to announce the first stage of this project at the LabelExpo ASIA 2017, 5-8 December in Shanghai.

Promising cooperation is launched!