DPS Innovations: A new technological level is done!

25 July 2019

Since 2018 DPS was gradually moving from a contractual assembly to using a new technological automated production line for electronic circuit printing boards.

DPS Innovations electronics are already used by the giants of the printing industry, but every day our opportunities are growing, more and more customized solutions are being developed, we are developing R&D projects - we have reached a new level!

The new production line has a lot of advantages for both users and producers:

  • Full quality control - this is the principle key of DPS Innovations production. The automated line allows you to quickly perform additional control and component,s verification at each stage. It is greatly reduces production delays, saves time and human resources and also gives more confidence in the DPS electronic,s quality.
  • Short time. Automated line implies and justifies the shortening of the installation. Now our customers can get electronics in any conveniant terms.
  • Any volumes. Avoiding old way of assembly will allow you to obtain production independence and the volume,s price of the batch produced. On this line we are ready to produce almost single "pilot" products, and a small lots for some consumers.
  • Uninterrupting work. The new line of surface mounting allows us to react more quickly to the urgent circumstances according to the needs of the products which means that we are ready to undertake urgent orders. An additional insurance is a permanent replenishable stock of printed boards and components. DPS customers can be sure that their order will be ready on time.
  • Flexibility of production. Using a robotic line gives many options for setting production parameters. First of all it allows to adjust technical process in the shortest time.  Also using of a digital microscope for optical inspection is an additional point to precise production control.

The installer used in DPS Innovations line has one of the largest  number of feeders for components (an average of 2-3 times).

As a result we are able to store a large number of components directly charged into the machine, so they are ready for operation and it saves time for its start to work.